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       Dance movement is the starting point and inspiration for the abstract compositions of Maria Yakovleva’s this series of works “The Flow.”


        An early awareness and sensitivity to the expressive power of dance led the artist away from figurative representation toward the open universe of abstraction, where gesture and motion are freed from the duty of literal description and become tools of unlimited possibility. A narrative emerges, of the evolution of an artist’s perception and the conquering of her fears.

       "At the beginning it was scary to release herself to dance while painting",confides Maria. " The choice of colors and intensity of directions of a brush stroke speak the words for you, words which are screamed by your heart. The artistic process, in time, overtakes you and releases you - spreads your wings and lets you flight, in my case - dance.”


       Maria Yakovleva chose painting at an early age, but was always fascinated by dance. Attending classes and gradually overcoming shyness to participate in social balls, she benefited from an artist’s power of observation and courage to explore new realms of experience. 

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